The BBF has the ability to accomplish excellent mechanical filtration while simultaneously offering outstanding biological filtration in a single easy to operate unit that requires far less space than alternative filters. This filter utilizes a packed bed of floating bead media to strain solid waste as well as provide surface area for nitrifying bacteria. The gentle backwash process of the Bubble Washed Bead Filter allows the removal of solid waste while oxygenating the media bed and retaining a healthy colony of nitrifying bacteria.


This backwash process is extremely simple, only requiring minutes to complete. Simply turn off the pump or bypass the water flow and rotate the three way valve of the filter to the drain position. As the water drains from the filter air is introduced through the air inlet rising up and agitating the media bed. As the water level in the filter lowers, the beads are passed through the filter’s washing throat which projects the beads into the bottom chamber expanding the media and separating the solid waste. The solids sink, washing out of the filter while the media floats up causing a physical separation of the two. The backwash cycle is completed when the water has completely drained, the valve is again rotated to the normal operating position and the pump turned on.

The Bubble Bead Filter is available in 11 different sizes ranging from ¼ ft3 (BBF-XS300A) to 10 ft3 (BBF-XF20000). These filters can accommodate complete mechanical and biological filtration for pond sizes from 300 to 20,000 gallons. Inlet and outlet port sizes vary depending on the size of the filter. They range from ¾” to 3” on the largest BBF. Flow rates will also vary depending on filter size. Bubble Bead Filters do not require a prefilter other than a pump basket for impeller protection; however, the backwash frequency is substantially reduced if a quality prefilter is installed in the filtration loop.


The Bubble Wash Bead Filter boasts a non-corrosive plastic or fiberglass construction with no mechanical parts to service. These filters are designed for pressurized applications operating with low head, energy efficient pumps. The maximum pressure for the polyethylene filters is 10 psi and the fiberglass filters is 15 psi. The BBF’s are compact and easy to install, supply exceptional solids removal and biological filtration, and are easy to maintain with a simple low water loss backwash procedure.


Backwash frequency will vary among individual applications and seasons. During the warm summer months the frequency can be as high as once a day in some regions. The winter months when pond activity is lower the backwash frequency can be reduced to every few days to weekly. Automation is available for the backwash process to reduce owner involvement. A BBF controller and actuated valve are required and can be installed anytime on new or existing filters.

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Design and Photography credit, Wes Kennison, 2013